The Lester Vaughan School Old Scholars Association

"Per Scientia Nos Persevero Cretum" - Through Knowledge We Continue To Grow

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Upcoming Events:

 Elections 2011 - Come Elect a new Executive for the term: 2011-2013.

Nomination Day: Friday, July 22nd 2011.

Election Day: Sunday, August 7th 2011.

E-mail: [email protected] for more information!



 Past Events:

Old Scholars Week 2010

Lester Vaughan School Old Scholars Association - Unity Lime & Karaoke Evening-

Come Enjoy an evening after the sunset, with drinks, food and loads of fun, as Old Scholars come out to catch up with their old class mates over a hot meal, flowing drinks and the sounds of belting Karaoke.
Saturday, August 28th - De Edge Bar is the place to be.
See Calendar for more information.

Old Scholars Week 2009 

Come Celebrate your Pride as a former student of the Lester Vaughan School, as a week of Activities are set to blaze Barbados, green with envy.
Be sure to register with our website, so you can be one of the first to know what is happening, and who knows, you maybe the lucky winner of FREE Event Tickets.
Visit Our Old Scholars Week Page for details.

General Assembly Meeting 2009 - Saturday September 26th 2009. 4:30pm
The First meeting of the General Assembly of the Lester Vaughan School Old Scholars Association takes place on Saturday, September 26th 2009 at 4:30 pm.

Come out and show your pride as an Old Scholar of this Magnificent Institution.

Old Scholars Association Launch - Saturday June 6th 2009. 6:00pm
Come witness the Official Start of the Old Scholars Association of the Lester Vaughan School, Come listen to speeches from the Candidates for the Executive Elections 2009, the Approval of the Constitution and lots more.

The Official Swear-In Ceremony - Wednesday June 24th 2009. 12:00 midday.
As Elections are now completed, the Executive has now been selected, the work now begins, come watch 11 young men and women take the oath of office, pledging to take the affairs and business of the Association seriously, and committing themselves to the tasks at hand.





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